Our independent food and farming communities have been hit hard by the current crisis.

 Most restaurants, market traders, food producers and small farmers have seen their income disappear overnight.

The longer term impact on our food supply chains is significant. It’s the small farmers and food producers that have been hit hardest. Those dependent on independent restaurants or farmers markets have lost everything over night. 

Our regional food economy is the part of the picture that you don’t often see when you eat at your favourite restaurants. The small cheese-makers, charcutiers, chocolatiers and brewers, the specialist herb growers, the smallholders, the market gardeners… the list goes on. It is their hard work and passion, along with that of our chefs, which goes into making the flavours that end up on your plate. 

If you still want our regional food and farming communities to be here when this is over, then we need your help

Please give what you can to the Bristol Food Fund to help the industry to get back on its feet once this crisis has passed.

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